Our Work

Priorities for Community Action

For each cycle of community health improvement, Healthy Whatcom uses data from the community health assessment to prioritize a few key health areas that require the collaboration of multiple agencies and systems to address.  These areas are determined through a community prioritization process. These priority areas, the results we hope to achieve, and our actions to do so will all be compiled into Whatcom County’s newest community health improvement plan

We believe that by creating positive and lasting change for the youngest members of our community, we will have the most significant impact on improving community health and eliminating racial inequities. Data about early childhood well-being reflects how children and families are doing across multiple areas of health. To improve early childhood well-being for children and families of all races and ethnicities in Whatcom County, Healthy Whatcom is focusing on the following three priorities:

Learn why HW focuses on the health and well-being of children and their families.