Priorities for Community Action

For each cycle of community health improvement, Healthy Whatcom works alongside our community to use data from the Community Health Assessment to identify key areas where, by working together, we can make the most significant impact, captured in our Community Health Improvement Plan

We know a healthy future starts young. That’s why our Community Health Improvement Plan prioritizes investing in early childhood well-being. Early childhood is an opportunity to lay the foundation for lifelong health and an essential strategy for achieving racial equity. We know that if children have what they need to thrive in the early years, they are likely to continue to thrive throughout their lifetimes.

If we can address housing security for our families with young children, we can address the toxic stress that accompanies homelessness and poverty. If we ensure our families with young children have access to quality, affordable early learning & care, we can contribute to positive learning experiences and family economic health. If we support the mental health needs of caregivers and young children, we can reduce the likelihood of a youth or adult mental health crisis.

By supporting our youngest members, we improve overall community health, address racial disparities, and ensure a thriving future for all.

Our top priorities are:

Child & Youth Mental Health

Early Learning & Care

Housing for Children & Families

Healthy, Active Living

Behavioral & Mental Health

Health Care Access

Healthy Children’s Fund

Whatcom HEAL

How are priorities selected?

Healthy Whatcom uses a comprehensive and inclusive approach to setting priorities for community health improvement.

This process is deeply collaborative, involving participants from various sectors and community members with lived, personal experiences with the issues we aim to address. This approach ensures that the selected priorities reflect a broad spectrum of perspectives, placing value on the insights of individuals and organizations, regardless of their public, private, or independent status.

The selection process begins with a thorough analysis of data from the Community Health Assessment, guiding the identification of key areas where joint efforts can yield substantial benefits. Learn more about how we selected our priorities for the current cycle of community health improvement and see our community plan to address the priorities by downloading the reports below.