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Welcome to the Healthy Whatcom data dashboard, where we summarize and interpret health data from numerous sources.

When looking at data, it’s important to remember that data is imperfect, and no single indicator or set of indicators can tell the full story of what’s happening in people’s lives. It’s a conversation starter, an invitation to dig deeper and ask ourselves “why” something is occurring, recognizing that data is one of many ways of knowing. In Western dominant culture, empirical science holds authoritative power but often fails to recognize that who and how data is collected is powerful and can be used positively or negatively. Therefore, it’s imperative that we view and use data with caution, recognizing that there is often inherent bias in the way data is collected, analyzed, interpreted, and shared with the community. For that reason, it’s critical to lean into the community and those represented in the data to provide context, understanding, and a path forward. 

Explore the data dashboards below that pertain to our ongoing work and priorities for community action. Dashboards were developed in collaboration with the Whatcom County Health and Community Services data team. For even more Whatcom County data, visit

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